Growing up, you often hear that gratitude is important because it allows you to be content with what you have. Being grateful and having an attitude of gratitude makes it possible to not fall into the negative space of resenting those who appear to have more than you do.

It’s okay to want more, but do not dwell on it. Being grateful while simultaneously wanting to improve things will keep you motivated to keep working toward your goals.

Prevent False Positivity

Being positive is important, but if your positivity is not authentic, it is not doing you any favors. Remember that it’s impossible to be happy and smiling 100 percent of the time. You can be a positive person and still experience negative emotions.

When negative emotions occur, use your gratitude to help you to process and overcome them. For example, if you become angry over something not going as you’d like, focus on the things you are grateful for to remind yourself that even though this might not have happened, you have other things to be happy about.

Helps You to Appreciate Others

Everyone has people in their life that simply make life bigger and brighter. Make sure to recognize how grateful you are to have them in your life. You should also appreciate the negative people around you because they serve as a reminder of the type of person you do not want to be.

Whether a person enriches your life or not, they serve a purpose and can help you to further your efforts to be more grateful for what you have and who you are.

Alleviate Feelings of Jealousy

There are always people who seem to have it all and there will always be people who seem to have more than you. Remember that being grateful for what you have will prevent you ever feeling jealous of those who seemingly have more.

It is also important to remember that more is not always better.

Saves You Money

When you are grateful for what you have, it is less likely that you will spend money that you do not have. Before taking the plunge and spending, take stock of the things you have and are grateful for.

If this new item is truly needed, you will know that it is a smart purchase and not end up with buyers remorse.

It is proven that people who are appreciative of what they have live longer than those who do not have an attitude of gratitude. This is partially due to the fact that gratitude improves your physical and emotional well-being.

Be sure to keep an attitude of gratitude even when things get tough. Remember that no matter how hard things seem to be on the surface, there is always something you have to be grateful for.

This helps you to stay and think positive and prevents you from ever getting into a place where your wants start to trump what you actually need.

All the best, 

Dr. Antwala