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5 Hijackers of Your Dreams


5 Hijackers of Your Dreams

Everyone has dreams and goals they want to accomplish. These dreams range from things like traveling, losing weight, pursuing your ultimate career, or even owning your own business. However, as you go on your journey to realize your dreams, there are always obstacles that can get in your way and lead to sabotaging your efforts. The key is to know what these hijackers are so you can plan for them. When you plan well, you are able to put provisions in place that will prevent these issues from getting in the way of your dreams.



Fear is an emotion that often stops people from going after what they truly want. It is easy to be afraid of what you do not know and this is what stops people from pursuing their dreams. They are afraid of how things might turn out or that their dreams will not come true. Fear is difficult to deal with and is not something that people can quickly get over. You have to identify the source of your fear before you are able to release its hold on you. The source of fear is different for every person, so know that this can take time. Continue reading…