Planning to scale your online business? Or, perhaps, you’re thinking of taking on the challenge of the digital age’s eCommerce. Whichever, you will need software to help you be successful. Don’t try to take on this endeavor without one, you’ll regret it. Invest in a software tool to make your venture easier for you to manage.  That venture for me starts and ends with Kajabi!

Some people choose to buy things that look good or because of a bonus that goes with buying it. For me, though, I purchased Kajabi (software as a service or SaaS), during beta testing because I instantly recognized its power and value although I wasn’t really sure how to use their platform.

First of all, I purchased it because my business needs Kajabi’s features and functionality this software service provides.  Secondly, using it saved me time that I badly needed to devote to the betterment of myself and my business. Thirdly, I like the ease of Kajabi when marketing and selling my eBooks, Free Guides, and online courses. Still, I understand that your business and life may be unlike mine, so allow me to share with you why I fell in love with Kajabi. After all, the internet exists full of a seemingly endless stream of online tools. Which is good as it presents lots of options, but it can be tough to sort through these choices.

Interestingly named, Kajabi is relatively new on the market, but known for its incredible marketing abilities. It’s not a penny-pinching option; however, it is a full collection that can give you top customization control with no transaction fee for every package offered. And that’s not all!


Kajabi also presents some wonderful solutions for revenue maximization, email marketing, and even sending out surveys and quizzes! These are all made possible because of its out-of-the-box functionality, seamless Stripe integration, and easily allows one time or recurring subscriptions.

It also has built-in Pipelines, an insanely powerful, and user-friendly marketing funnels to assist you in setting up the entire customer acquisition process, engagement, and selling. There are also event pipelines that let you organize webinars and mix with Zoom from the platform.

It even has monthly updates to improve and expand functionality, besides offering great round-the-clock customer service. Indeed, Kajabi stays as a fast, powerful, easy-to-use platform aimed at selling online modules and building your entire technology platform in a single place.

You can even edit your website design without touching programming code. Kajabi was co-founded by Travis Rosser and Kenny Rueter, who both envisioned creating it as a company that can enable people to sustain themselves from their passion or hobby. They believe that Kajabi is the best platform for the following reasons:

1.    Kajabi is a software solution for streamlining.

Do you know of anything that’s more upsetting than picking a platform and quickly discovering you need 13 other software services and plugins just to manage your daily online business operations? And that’s when you’re just beginning the pathway of making your website! Naturally, you want an online platform that’s simple to navigate, not a digital zombie website.

For years, though, countless online entrepreneurs had to deal with this, including the Kajabi Founders. Nevertheless, this precise issue is what ultimately propelled them to build Kajabi into the powerful software it is today. What was once just a concept has turned out to be the leading digital creation platform of the world.

2.    Kajabi’s goal is to be the world’s primary platform for entrepreneurs of Knowledge Commerce.

It follows, therefore, that Kajabi is designed to give everything needed by online knowledge businesses to quickly proceed from idea towards implementation while ensuring it as simple as possible! For the last eight years, Kajabi never deviated from that.

Well, yes, there are other platforms promoting themselves as simple to use through a mere pushing of a button, but the moment you dive in, it turns out to be anything but simple.  Frankly, if you are selling drop shipped stuff from Amazon, Kajabi may not be the easiest for you.

Of course, you can certainly sell physical merchandise through Kajabi, but it is uniquely created for online businesses selling courses and digital products of all forms. So, if online information-based products remain your kind of thing, Kajabi is the best solution!

With Kajabi, you’ll see its ready-made templates, pipelines, and product outlines give you all you need to launch your business or idea quickly!  After all, what idea stands well when your platform for launching requires more hours for tinkering than assessing your new deal?  Have you ever heard the saying, “money is attracted to speed”? That is why Kajabi was created, so online businesses could start making money immediately.

3.    Kajabi is obsessed over its customer service.

Kajabi puts serious time, funds, and attention on ensuring that entrepreneurs who entrust them with their online business never feels that they are just another subscriber. This much I observed during my three years of using Kajabi.

With thousands of active subscribers, the platform strives to always bear in mind that its success begins with the happiness and success of its users, like you and me! So, now you know that Kajabi exists as the leading Knowledge Commerce package solution. It’s the simplest platform to utilize and comes filled with features for almost everything.

Sounds good, right? Don’t stop reading yet as there’s more you should know, especially concerning the investment that goes with saying “Yes” to Kajabi. Have you read the Kajabi product review disclosing that, upon buying it, the user canceled his other subscriptions?

These canceled subscriptions were of ConvertKit, LeadPages, WordPress, Bluehost, numerous plugins, Vimeo Professional, Website Designer, Website Coder, Website Fixer, and Backup Buddy. Now, do the math and compare it to the investment you’ll make when buying Kajabi. Here’s a closer look at Kajabi’s plans and pricing (for a full list of prices and specific features visit their website:

1.    Basic – One option is the annual plan at $119 monthly, meaning a single payment of $1,428 per year, which offers unlimited monthly marketing emails, three products, three pipelines, one admin user, one website, and 1,000 active members.

2.    Growth – At a monthly fee of $199, you’ll get support for 15 products and pipelines, unlimited landing pages and marketing emails, 10,000 active members, ten admin users, and one website.  You also have an affiliate program, and the choice to remove Kajabi branding.

3.    Pro – At a monthly fee of $399, you get support for 100 products and pipelines, unlimited landing pages, 20,000 active members, 25 admin users, and three websites. You also have an affiliate program and the choice to remove Kajabi branding.

4.    Enterprise –To get this plan, you need to get in touch with the company to receive more information. I’m sure Kajabi is ready to support all enterprise sizes, so, you can customize your subscription plan.

Also, all plans have no transaction fees, a drip content, 24/7 live chat and email support, advanced customization devices, webinars, and training courses. In terms of online resources, the platform will not disappoint you. Also, events and webinars are offered on all their plans, and everyone can use Kajabi’s help center and blog.

The blog includes everything from improving writing skills to content marketing. Help center, on the other hand, has articles and videos for learning the features of Kajabi for integration, marketing, and accounts management. Despite all these awesome things I’ve said about Kajabi, take note that all platforms have weak points.

The real pivotal factor is how much flexibility and upkeep you want in your website, courses, and many others. If technology, besides all the moving parts, causes you to swear, then buy Kajabi. If you fancy a challenge, as well as don’t mind how long it takes you to get your online business up and running, then any other software service will do. 

The essential point is that Kajabi makes managing a digital product online business such a breeze, besides the best solution package for your investment. It helps you create an online lecture series, establish membership websites, and sell digital products. On top of that, it also offers heaps of marketing tools to assist you in advertising your products, as well as earn more money!

Unquestionably, launching and scaling an online business is a huge responsibility.  To help take pressure off in your process, sign up for a free 14-Day trial of Kajabi. In doing so, you’ll get free-for-all access to Kajabi’s tools, templates, along with other assets for you to fully explore.

Isn’t now the time for you to BYOB (be your own boss)? I know you have amazing things to do that will impact the world. I also know that there are people out there who are searching for what you have to offer and teach them. And that’s why Kajabi was created. It’s a fully featured platform that lets professionals and entrepreneurs, like you and me, create online businesses from the comfort of your home.

All the best, 

Dr. Antwala