Are you thinking of finding your tribe in today's noisy world? Do you think that discovering it has anything to do with business success? Well, in today's modern market, it does. But then, while many entrepreneurs have started retracing their steps and working on building their tribe, others are only concerned about making their voices heard by a wider audience with mixed interest.

But we all crave something different deep down. We want that connection, that peace of mind and have the privilege to work with people who value and somehow connect with us. 


These are people that fit into your tribe. The reality in today's noisy world is, your message won't have much impact unless you attract and connect with the right people, your tribe. And this article is going to show you how. 

1. Do good work and create great products

Your concept and product quality matter a lot. Both can help you to attract the right people. So, quit the below-average standard and create products that exceed the expectations of your audience. You can put yourself in your audience's shoes, and also find out how your product stands out from what's already in the market.

When you develop a product that exceeds your client's expectations, you won't struggle to find and grow your tribe. And until you've created a quality product, do not attempt to sell it. Ensure that everything is intact before you launch, to avoid hurting your reputation or appearing like an amateur. Keep in mind that your first impression matters a great deal. 

Also, if you are selling your services, consider doing the same. Know that when you use the right words and offer quality services, you won't struggle to attract and make other people, such as your customers, employees, and members, a part of your journey. 

2. Create the perfect launch plan

It's a waste of effort to build a superior product and not have a proper strategy to launch it. Understand both work hand-in-hand. Your plan can motivate you to take action and actualize your dream. It can also help you to understand your targeted goals, identify and develop ways to overcome stumbling blocks on your journey, and even identify other unique opportunities.

So, think about your plans, and then write them down. If there are concerns, give more time to address them before you finally launch your product or services. But you mustn't deviate from your original plans unless and until you've tested and tweaked it and know that it isn't working. Be disciplined and keep your eyes on the prize.

3. Choose a platform to build your base

It can be challenging to achieve success on various social media platforms if you are trying to do it all at once. But nothing is impossible if you devote a reasonable amount of time and energy to it. But then, finding a suitable platform, among the numerous options out there is the wise thing to do. Once you’ve established your base on one platform, you can start thinking of exploring others. 

There are numerous social media platforms available to attract and engage with your tribe, but starting out, you should not try to be on every one of them. What you need at the beginning of your journey is total concentration if you want to succeed. You also need to focus your time, energy, and resources on achieving your first milestone, or even your entire goal before you consider joining another platform. 

So find that suitable social networking site to start your tribe-building journey. Look at the features of each platform, and choose the one that aligns with your vision the most.

4. Grow your reputation and reach

You need to find, attract, and connect with your tribe your way. Yes, that's what you need. If you focus on what others are doing, you might feel pressured to get the results they are getting.  

You shouldn't feel any pressure when finding your tribe. So, avoid doing what other people are doing to get their results. Do what's best and convenient for you. In other words, use means that you are confident would get you the results you seek. The thing is, the steps that worked for someone else might not work for you. So, be original and find your tribe your way. 

Your tribe is waiting for you. And the trail to locate them is yours to make. So, stop building and start doing the right things your way, to find them. If it means using word of mouth, use that to increase your tribe. Just do everything possible to attract and grow your tribe. 

5. Start being and stay active

Your tribe consist of loyal followers, employees, and customers. But because they have shown loyalty does not give you the right to take them for granted. You were able to find and add them to your fanbase because you were active. So, if you want to keep and increase your tribe, then you must sustain that momentum. 

But first, try to figure out more about your tribe. Get to know more about the likes and dislikes of your audience. People are different, but your brand isn't. And if you can devote time and effort, you will figure out what your tribe likes or dislikes about your brand. 

Don't be afraid to seek their opinion about your brand. And when you have something new to share, make them feel involved by requesting their feedback. It can help to improve your business and relationship with your tribe in many ways.

Here are a few steps you need to take:

• Identify your targeted audience

• Learn as much as possible about your business

• Know your industry and trends

• Seek your tribe's opinion 

6. Show extreme passion

Tribes can be of any size. So, size doesn't matter. What matters is the central focus, the thing that binds everyone in the tribe. And every member must know, accept, and run with it. But that's not the only factor that makes a tribe successful. The kind of leader leading the tribe will ultimately determine how successful it becomes. 

The most successful tribes have passionate leaders. So, you have to show extreme passion and put the tribe's interest above yours. Know that when you are excited, your tribe will catch your fire. You should also be more of a helper than a forceful leader. 


It's in every human to want to build a tribe. Even while in college, in a class of more than a hundred students, some of us only had maybe five or fewer close friends. 

They become our friends because they valued our friendship or perhaps our vision. All of you also happen to click.  

So, finding your tribe, in modern marketing, is an invaluable asset. It's a critical step you need to take to grow a business and loyal fanbase. So, take bold steps today. Build your tribe and grow your business. 

All the best, 

Dr. Antwala