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10 Ways to Add Years to Your Life



10 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

The quality of the life we lead is on a downward spiral due to numerous reasons like stress, commitments, and personal issues – the list could go on forever. This directly or indirectly plays a huge role in negatively affecting our lives. However, small alterations in the way we live will help in improving our lives drastically.            


Here’s a list of the 10 ways to increase your longevity:

Eat a fiber rich diet, particularly for breakfast. When you take in a lot of fiber instead of those pesky carbs, you manage to maintain your blood sugar levels throughout the day and can go longer between those annoying hunger pangs. People who eat fiber rich foods for breakfast have a good chance of postponing, and possibly avoiding, the incidence of diabetes, which is a known accelerator of aging.


Sleep for a solid seven to eight hours. This is a time-tested cliché – but clichés are clichés because they are true! Not only does your body and brain need rest, it’s when you sleep that your body heals and regulates your cells. Everyone needs a minimum of seven hours of sleep if they want to live a healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep leaves you irritable and upset; chronic lack of sleep will definitely lead to all kinds of health issues, from diabetes to obesity, none of which are conducive to a long life. Continue reading…