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How to Find Your Tribe in a Noisy World

How To Find Your Tribe in a Noisy World

Are you thinking of finding your tribe in today's noisy world? Do you think that discovering it has anything to do with business success? Well, in today's modern market, it does. But then, while many entrepreneurs have started retracing their steps and working on building their tribe, others are only concerned about making their voices heard by a wider audience with mixed interest.

But we all crave something different deep down. We want that connection, that peace of mind and have the privilege to work with people who value and somehow connect with us. 

These are people that fit into your tribe. The reality in today's noisy world is, your message won't have much impact unless you attract and connect with the right people, your tribe. And this article is going to show you how. 

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Is Nursing Your Passion or Just an Income

Are You Passionate About Your Job or Is It Just An Income?


Are You Passionate about Your Job or Is It Just an Income?

I’m certain you’ve been asked, ‘do you love your job?’ on more than one occasion. Which is why it’s important for you to review your life from time to time and determine if you are on the right path. Unfortunately, after looking back, you may find that your current job is no longer your passion. At this point, you can either take action towards change or simply continue on the same path. The choice to continue can be quite depressing.

So I will start by stating some basic facts. My goal is to answer the question of if your current career is born of passion or just an income. The results will guide you on the next steps to take and probably offer the courage to stick with your decision.

Passion is described as a feeling of enthusiasm towards something. This feeling is always intense and pushes you to participate in the activities relevant to such a thing. For example, if you are passionate about being a mom you would spend time on activities that involved your children such as caring and providing for them, family play time, or whatever works for you.

When it comes to your career, passion would mean doing that thing you love. It involves choosing a career because you can almost taste the goodness of waking up each morning to serve your ideal customers and do it with a smile and sense satisfaction. Your passion for the product or service you provide would be your daily motivation.

Your current job may be rewarding and noble, however, if you don’t love it it’s harder to reach your full potential and live a more fulfilling life. Continue reading...

Steps to Success: 4 Secrets You Probably Don’t Know


Steps to Success: 4 Secrets You Probably Don’t Know

Today, it seems like there is a secret recipe for success that only a few are privy to. The truth is there is no secret recipe or special course you can take or even one particular piece of advice you should follow. Getting to the top of the ladder of success does not mean that you have to be the brightest or the stronger or the most knowledgeable. Getting there means you need to have the strength of character to stand strong in the face of adversity and keep climbing. Being successful is all about being mentally tough.


Mental toughness is about being determined and having grit. It’s about having a can-do attitude about life and business. It is a willingness to pursue your aspirations and to adapt quickly to change.

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6 Happiness Secrets Revealed


6 Happiness Secrets Revealed

As we transitioned from the late 90s to the early 2000s, the definition of happiness and of success has changed from the earlier linear prospects that it used to be. A good, stable career that pays money, a good home with the white picket fence and the 2.0 Mini Van, and the retirement fund that would keep us all going till the end – this staple American Dream has changed to become more personal, more individualized and self-oriented.

So here are six happiness secrets that have taken the world by storm and will soon be the new normal:

  1. Self-Care – Requiring a diametric shift in perspective, today, the idea of self-care is fast gaining momentum. The concept behind it is that to be happy, you need to take care of yourself, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. This can’t be confused with selfishness; that’s prioritizing only your happiness over others. Self-care is when you take care of yourself first so that you enable yourself to look after others better. If that means having to let go of a toxic friend who brings you down constantly, then don’t hesitate! Being financially independent also gives you a sense of autonomy over yourself – it’s about loving you in all forms, so don’t think that makes you selfish!

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8 Tips to Help You Reset Your Brain – and Your Body


8 Tips to Help You Reset Your Brain – and Your Body

Your schedule is hectic, you go from work to home and take your job with you, all the way into the bedroom. Every day is ruled by schedules, meetings, and sales pitches; your brain is foggy and constantly tired. You find it hard to think critically, solve problems, or even pay much attention to things; it feels like you’re walking around in a daze and when you do try to relax, you find it hard – sound familiar?

This is because your brain has become conditioned to do these things over a period of time and it’s a physiological phenomenon. As you continue this stress-filled routine, neural pathways in your brain fix themselves and your mind conditions itself to working in this manner. This ability of the brain is called neuroplasticity; it can be defined as the brain’s ability to organize and then reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout your life. In simple terms, the neurons in your brain adjust to compensate for your thoughts and activities. Continue reading…

Negative Thoughts Equal Negative Results


Negative Thoughts Equal Negative Results

With the fast-paced, modern world of today, cases of stress-induced heart attacks and other anxiety-related diseases are becoming more and more commonplace. A large number of people are losing their peace of mind and happy lives to stress and worry. While there are a number of reasons why stress exists and why it’s becoming a common factor in ruining lives, it boils down to one simple factor – negative thinking.

It may be the biggest cliché you’ve heard – negative thinking equals negative results. But don’t dismiss it quite yet! If it is a cliché, it is because that is the definite truth and not just in some obscure, proverb-style abstract manner. Having negative thoughts can ruin your life indefinite, quantifiable terms. Let me explain how this happens. Continue reading…

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