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How To Overcome F.E.A.R.


How To Overcome F.E.A.R.

When we enter this world we are all born with a clear and fearless mind. We have not had experiences that would cause us to be afraid. It is not until we become old enough to develop conclusions about things that fear begins to set in. Have you ever wondered why?

The answer is in the word. F.E.A.R., which is nothing but Fictional Experiences that Affect our Reasoning. Let’s look at each word and how you can overcome fear.


Most of the thoughts that make us afraid come from our ideas of what might happen in a given situation. Most of the time our thoughts are far worse than the reality at hand. Before you are quick to lend yourself to your fears ask yourself a few questions.

  • Could it really happen?
  • What are the chances of it happening?
  • What is the worst possible outcome?
  • How will I respond if it does happen?

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