Today, I measure my success by the amount of freedom I have, the chances I take, and the people I help along the way.



My Story

I would say that I've had a pretty decent life by most standards. Many years ago, I became a nurse and enjoyed doing meaningful work caring for physically or mentally ill patients. It was quite a rewarding experience.

Approximately 10 years after becoming a nurse, I decided to quit the nursing profession. I had even enrolled at my local university and started taking classes towards a business degree. But after speaking with several professional individuals, I was advised to stick with what I know, basically, play it safe, and pursue an advanced degree in my current profession. 

So, I became a family nurse practitioner and, at the time, felt it was the right decision. I still feel that way, but the desire for more freedom and to be my own boss lingered in my mind.

I believe in self-development

and education.

So, I decided to go back to school (I know, right…) and earn a doctorate degree. The excuse I told myself at the time was I was giving myself a competitive advantage.

The truth is, I was doing everything I could to avoid what I knew was calling me and that I so desired, which was to become an entrepreneur.

During this entire process, I became an educator and later a college professor. Yes! I taught undergrad then graduate students for about 10 years. Initially, I liked teaching, but I later grew to dislike it, or so I thought.

I rediscovered my passion for education when I started teaching women about entrepreneurship, how to live a lifestyle of freedom, and the importance of owning your life.

A Higher Calling

After a few months of owning a business, I knew that I was indeed where I was meant to be. I felt like I had struck gold, although I wasn’t making much money at the time!

Like most people, I was afraid to leave the security of a well-paying job in an in-demand profession to venture out on my own, but I chose courage over fear. Of course, I had a plan, but there was no guarantee that things would work out the way I wanted. Nevertheless, I knew that I was spending a lot of my time daydreaming and wondering what could be if I took the bold step.

A life of freedom; freedom to do what I want, when I want to. Freedom to travel, to live wherever I please, and the freedom to impact the world in my own little or not-so-little way.

Freedom has always been my own version of a “higher calling,” my “true north,” if you will.

What I know about this life is that I have only one life. So I must do the things that make me happy.

Even though I was in a high-demand and high-paying profession, at least by society's definition, I still had to do my own thing.

I had to answer all the 'what-ifs' plaguing my mind. I knew that I had to do something or regret it for the rest of my life.

Plus, after losing both parents and two sisters at young ages, I knew all too well that no matter your age or the plans you may have, tomorrow is never promised.

So, I decided to take the bold step and become an entrepreneur. Although, I have to admit that it wasn't an easy decision.

I had to figure out how I would continue to provide for myself and my daughter, who was in college. But like most purpose-driven women, I knew I would somehow figure it out.

Initially, I tried to figure it all out on my own (that's the Virgo in me), which was challenging. I almost gave up, but something kept me going.

My guess is that my desire to be more was greater than any frustration or sense of defeat I felt at the time.

And because I believed in education and self-development, I invested in several online courses and hired a coach, and I still do those things till this day.

Today, I am a proud entrepreneur who loves helping other women create their freedom lifestyle.

Being an entrepreneur has afforded me the time, location, and financial freedom I always dreamed of. It's also given me the confidence to try something entirely out of my comfort zone, like traveling and even relocating to another country for a better quality of life.

The life I once dreamed about has, in fact, become a reality I now enjoy.

Do I miss my old life? Of course not! I am perfectly happy where I am, and I am very grateful for the privilege to live life the way I desire.

Being an entrepreneur has given me more joy and fulfillment than any and all of my past jobs.

The world is now truly my oyster, and it can be yours too. If you only step outside your comfort zone - I can show you how.

Embrace Who You Are

I want other women to take the bold step, to embrace the call of their innermost voice.

You don’t have to try and figure it out on your own. I am here to be your guide and to help you get to your destination faster, while avoiding some of the painstaking mistakes many people make, including myself, when transitioning into entrepreneurship.

Having a teacher or mentor will also empower you with the right skills and the right mindset. A winner’s mindset.

One thing I want you to know about life is that there isn’t just one path you can take, there are many, the one you are on right now is just one of them.

Don’t allow your fears (starting a new career, your age, uncertainty, or whatever you may be thinking), get the better of you and prevent you from experiencing all that life has to offer.

Stop running from who you are and your deepest desire and instead embrace them.

If you don't own your life, you will end up being a character in someone else's.  

Are you are a nurse, educator, or other healthcare professional who's ready to own your life and create the freedom you desire and deserve?

I will teach you how to turn your knowledge, passion, and expertise into a successful online business.

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More serious stuff

  • I have over 25+ experience in healthcare and 10+ years experience as a college professor. 
  • I received my doctorate degree from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!), graduating with 4.0 gpa.
  • I am a licensed and board-certified family nurse practitioner and a licensed cosmetologist.??‍⚕️
  • I taught myself web design and even build a few websites, including this one. 
  • I  value integrity above all things and hate scammers. ?

Fun stuff  

  • I am the proud mom of a beautiful daughter who I also taught how to be an entrepreneur. 
  • I love new gadgets and testing new software.
  • I spend too many hours daily on my Mac but love researching and learning new things, so I kind of have a valid excuse. ?
  • I relocated to another country for a better quality of life. 
  • l'm a behind the screen kind of person who love cheering other woman on and helping them SHINE.  ✨


Quote:  Own your life or you will never reach your destiny.

Zodiac:  Virgo   

Drinking:  Tea

Craving:  Pasteis de Nata 

Reading:  Atomic Habits 

Watching:  Lupin     

Listening:  Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak


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