Everybody loves a person full of positive energy, who lifts up the atmosphere any and everywhere they go. Guess what? It's easily achievable, like most things, it takes a little practice and a positive mindset. Start by rehearsing and integrating these 6 things and you too will be in an energetic and happier mood in no time.


A smile is worth a thousand words, or so they say. Incorporate this into your daily routine and find something to smile about throughout the day. This powerful technique will work wonders on you and the people around you. Smile at your loved ones, colleagues, and random strangers. Always maintain eye contact while doing so.

The feeling of warmth that surrounds you will leave you in a joyful disposition for the remainder of the day.


If you find yourself saying yes to everyone and everything, chances are that you are highly overloaded with unnecessary work and chores. Learn to say no, albeit with a degree of respect. It’s okay to say no sometimes, and you don’t always have to give an explanation or feel bad.

Once you do you will inevitably find yourself in a happier frame of mind and have more time to do the things you enjoy.


If you constantly put things off until tomorrow, this just places more stress on you. Create a daily, weekly, and monthly planner and try your best to stick to it.

Remember it may not be possible to complete all the tasks initially, but with time and continuous effort, you will learn to juggle and multi-task like a pro.


Passionate about a hobby but haven’t had the time to pursue it because you are caught up in the humdrum of life? Once you learn to say no and put off procrastination, you will find you have more time on your hands.

Use it wisely in acquiring a new skill. If you were musically inclined, pick up the ole six strings or keyboards and have a go at it. Take dance classes or whatever takes your fancy. I recommend investing in a new skill or training that will enhance your career or even put more money in your pocket!


Physical activity boosts happiness like no other. A simple morning walk or jog for approximately 30 minutes or so in the park will awaken your senses. The fresh air and greenery will rouse your mind into a state of positive being.

Exercises like meditation will channel your energies and teach you to focus on developing self-awareness.


Once you learn the art of the getting through adversity by applying the above mantras, it is important to treat yourself to some ‘Me’ time. Treat yourself to a message or outing, alone or with someone who makes you laugh.

Think of the one thing that gets your adrenalin going and put you in a positive mode and then go do it. You will find that it not only increases your happiness, but also your productivity.

All the best, 

Dr. Antwala