6 Happiness Secrets Revealed

As we transitioned from the late 90s to the early 2000s, the definition of happiness and of success has changed from the earlier linear prospects that it used to be. A good, stable career that pays money, a good home with the white picket fence and the 2.0 Mini Van, and the retirement fund that would keep us all going till the end – this staple American Dream has changed to become more personal, more individualized and self-oriented.

So here are six happiness secrets that have taken the world by storm and will soon be the new normal:

  1. Self-Care – Requiring a diametric shift in perspective, today, the idea of self-care is fast gaining momentum. The concept behind it is that to be happy, you need to take care of yourself, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. This can’t be confused with selfishness; that’s prioritizing only your happiness over others. Self-care is when you take care of yourself first so that you enable yourself to look after others better. If that means having to let go of a toxic friend who brings you down constantly, then don’t hesitate! Being financially independent also gives you a sense of autonomy over yourself – it’s about loving you in all forms, so don’t think that makes you selfish!

  1. Doing What You Love – More often than not, we do what we’re expected to do and not what we love. That’s one of the root causes of unhappiness; do what you love. Make your passion your profession – if you’re an artist and want to make a career out of it; don’t be afraid to do that! Or else, you will spend the rest of your life doing a job that gives you no satisfaction and only stress you out.
  1. Doing What You’re Good At – A corollary of the previous idea, this definitely constitutes happiness. When you do the things you’re passionate about, you automatically become good at them, simply because you’re willing to work longer and harder because you love it so much! Doing what you’re good at will boost your self-esteem; when you struggle and then you achieve something, you’ll appreciate that success more than when it’s at something you did for the sake of doing it – that victory feels hollow and empty.
  1. Focus on Relationships – The increasingly demanding professional lives of people leave them lonely and unsatisfied despite being surrounded by a lot of people. Take time off work and spend time cultivating relationships; you don’t need to have an active social circle that party every weekend. You only need one or two friends, or close relatives with whom you can spend time with goofing off and relaxing.
  1. Help Others – When you reach a good place in your life, it always feels nice to extend a hand to someone else. For instance, if you’re a senior at the workplace, guiding a newbie around and showing them the ropes not only helps them feel like a part of the team, it leaves you with a sense of satisfaction you won’t get anywhere else. You don’t have to join a group (though you can do it if it makes you happy), just that one random act of kindness in a day can bring smiles to both yours and someone else’s face.
  1. Practice Gratitude – Don’t ever forget that if you’re successful, it’s because of both your own hard work and that of others! Instead of thinking about your regrets at night, thank yourself for all your hard work and God for helping you survive and thrive each day. Likewise, remember to thank anyone who does anything nice for you – it’s polite and in a world where people seem to take others for granted, it endears you to people and makes them feel appreciated.

Above all, keep in mind that life isn’t a linear progression of one step to the next – it’s chaotic, it’s beautiful and it’s filled with experiences. Embrace it as it comes, don’t be afraid to take risks and remember to stop and smell the roses, if only because they’re very seasonal in nature!