Hey! I'm Antwala 

Are you living a lifestyle of freedom?

I teach healthcare professionals, educators, and entrepreneurs how to own their life and have more freedom by turning their knowledge, passion, and expertise into a successful online business. 

Hey there! I'm Antwala.

I help healthcare professionals, educators and entrepreneurs own their life and have more freedom by teaching them how to turn their knowledge, passion, and expertise into a successful online business.

Own your life and create the freedom you desire and deserve.

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So, you want to start an online business but need help getting started? Schedule a 90-minute business consultation. Don't waste time trying to figure it out yourself. Just bring your ideas and together we will bring your business to life!

My goal is to educate and inspire women to own their life and create the freedom they desire and deserve.

I want to help them build their freedom lifestyle by teaching them how to turn their knowledge, passion, and expertise, into an online income stream, while also helping them improve their overall well-being.

What my clients say...

Working with Antwala was a fun and enlightening experience. She showed me the importance of my business having an online presence, and built my website. Now when people search Google for healthcare providers in the area, my office shows up as an option. Within a couple of months, our calls and appointments increased. Thank you so much colleague!



After 12-years as a public high school math teacher, I was ready to pursue my dream and become an entrepreneur. Dr. Antwala, helped my transition from the traditional classroom to teaching students virtually. I recently starting my own tutoring business and currently have over 30 students enrolled. She even showed me how to start building an email list, that I'm stoked about!



I absolutely loved working with Dr. Antwala! She is so patient and kind, and really cared about my success. She helped my come up with an idea for my business and even guided me throughout the entire process of setting it up. I now have a business that I run from the comfort of my home and no longer have to work long hours or miss special events.  



Own your life and create  the freedom you desire and deserve.

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Have you taken the Freedom Lifestyle Archetype quiz?

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Plus you will get a custom report and roadmap to help you get started.